(ER003) Covolux – Moments In Time

What more can a sentient being want? To be reminded of that place. We move about here and there, trying to keep our lives afloat. New sights, new sounds, new sensations. New friends, new foes, no jobs, new revelations. But, despite this flowing and ebbing into new shituations, there is always that one spot that we return to. That one landmark far away that your body always finds itself trickling back there. What more can a sentient being want? To be reminded of that place by the magnificent radiance of Covolux. The man behind the project is Kai Nobuko, of Toxic Chicken notoriety. He also runs Top Of The Flops netlabel. When he isn’t mopping the dance floor with his catchy techno explosions, he exists within this identity. A contemplative one. A delicate one. The melancholy and introspection bring you back to the aura of that place that calls to you, but it resonates with a deeply personal and expressive vibe. It is hard not to love the sincerity of spirit in Kai. Heed of this 80 kbps ambient gem.

Album: Moments In Time

Artist: Covolux

Bitrate: 80 kbps

Format: mp3

Genre: Ambient, Minimal

August 2011







1. Sadness (9:48)

2. A Spark (7:09)

3. Monemts In Vain (7:48)

4. Son of Sun (2:45)

5. Addiction (6:50)

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Emanate the residue, my friends. All foundations have dismantled. The veils have all lifted. The stench of rot is in the air. Breathe in the aroma deeply, my friends. You, a fellow secreter of radiance and soul. Let us dissolve reality and float about in the primordial world where everything imaginable comes to pass. Come, transcend the mud by digging into it. My friends, let us bask in the effluvia of it all!






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