(ER020) H-LR, SunBurzt, & i.m.m.u.r.e. – Trinity

Imagine. Imagine there are vast indefinite forests enshrouded in a haunting luminescence. Sounds of shrieking birds and ominous cackling. Your flesh hesitates. Do you persist in trudging the landscape of life, or do you step away renouncing these woods before you? A place in life we dare not go. H-LR, SunBurzt, & i.m.m.u.r.e clash and take you by the hand, forcing you along their ceaseless trek towards the root of all life, the perilous, teeming, beautiful crust. Hoffman La-Roche (H-LR, residing in Israel), upon sending me the submission, informed me that the sound on this split is very diverse. No kidding! Like the sporadic trees and birds and rocks, this explosive collaboration leaps at you from countless unseen shadows, either startling you or immediately entrancing you in its fierce, awesome conviction. Joined by Dmitry Vlasov (SunBurzt, from Russia) and Alexei Oleinikov (i.m.m.u.r.e., also from Russia), this album like no other I’ve heard traps you in its beautiful clutches right away. First with H-LR, who skillfully conceives an aggressive musical environment, designed with precision, yet never predictable and bubbling with noise. Then SunBurzt, a sound completely unlike anything I’ve heard. Howling with vehement fire with notes blaring high above the rainbows, past the stratosphere, and tampering with the fabric of the cosmos. Then finally i.m.m.u.r.e., and I am ceased even now at the thought of these haunting emissions. I would call it foreboding, but that would suggest warning. These tracks chill you to the marrow right away. Vocals that will score your favorite nightmares (in retrospect), but not stopping there. All of this combined creates a magnificent web. Come, stick, let the hairy arachnid legs of nature come and take hold of you. When was that a bad thing to begin with?

Album: Trinity

Artist: H-LR, SunBurzt, & i.m.m.u.r.e

Bitrate: 320 kbps

Format: mp3

Genre: Rhythmic Noise, IDM, Dark Ambience, Dark rhythmic, psychedelic industrial

October 2011







1. H-LR – Grandaxin (Farewell Mix by i.m.m.u.r.e.) (5:29)

2. H-LR – Amitriptyline [Feedback Mix by SunBurzt] (3:52)

3. SunBurzt – Macedonian [Distorted Mix by H-LR] (3:33)

4. SunBurzt – Gears [Nameless Mix by H-LR] (2:23)

5. i.m.m.u.r.e. – Lithium [Perch Mix by H-LR] (4:36)

6. i.m.m.u.r.e. – Black Sun Rising (3:39)


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Emanate the residue, my friends. All foundations have dismantled. The veils have all lifted. The stench of rot is in the air. Breathe in the aroma deeply, my friends. You, a fellow secreter of radiance and soul. Let us dissolve reality and float about in the primordial world where everything imaginable comes to pass. Come, transcend the mud by digging into it. My friends, let us bask in the effluvia of it all!






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