(ER048) z601 – February and May

Now this is one they are going to be recording in the history books until man wipes themselves off the face of this moldy sphere. I’ll happily go bankrupt (if I had any money to begin with) investing in the ink for such immortalizing of this album that, believe it or not, was fabricated by mortal mind! Oh but the divinity shines through like a man’s imagination looking at petticoats. This is the work of Gamab, lightening God of the Congo. I mean, it has to be. This, being the debut of this project introduced to me by the lovely Tommaso Bussato, is nothing short of stunning experimental music. Versatile as a chameleon floating about in a fresh nebula, this outfit of noisy experimental concrete neoabstract toe tapping ecstasy unloads on us right away with “February and May”, unleashing all of the artistic inspiration within the mothership’s intergalactic reach, putting love and affirming a broad mission statement of sound pummeling and puppetry in your head, never saying sorry, because you know behind the abrasive dementia is a love radiating like our smoldering sun. 13 tracks, forty minutes long, this album feels like it as the scope of a double album. Often, the tracks will drive you mad, and the noise will test your ears, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and when this one ends, find the nearest mountain to ascend! I applaud this debut and strongly look forward to any future output, myself. Historians and record keepers of this dying planet, take my ink! I find these works very unique, but one can recall the spirit of musique concrete cassettes from back in the day, mixed and matched with a more modern approach. Christian Renou meets Ploof?

Album: February And May

Artist: z601

Bitrate: Oh various

Format: mp3

Genre: Rhythmic Noise, Experimental, Abstract Noise, Musique Concrete

December 4, 2011


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Emanate the residue, my friends. All foundations have dismantled. The veils have all lifted. The stench of rot is in the air. Breathe in the aroma deeply, my friends. You, a fellow secreter of radiance and soul. Let us dissolve reality and float about in the primordial world where everything imaginable comes to pass. Come, transcend the mud by digging into it. My friends, let us bask in the effluvia of it all!






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