(ER063) c4 – My Favorite Sort Of Stuff

Spin crank dribble murder snatch dance rumble tumble boil bubble oh la la! The brain will not stop dancing as these tracks send you and your ears and your body and your cosmos boogeying through spacetime. Here in the netlabel nova, we are blessed time and time and time and time again by extraordinary dance music. Always innovative, groovy, funky, sometimes downright sweet jesus what the fuck am I listening to, the direction of toe tapping underground disco psychtrance acid nostalgia is up up up into the ancient rhythmic sky. Amidst the industrial noise, funeral doom metal, power electronics, & neofolk that displays apocalypse against our motionless, incapacitated bodies, we should all seek solace in the noble truth that there will always be new catchy tunes to send us back into the neverending beat of our omnipresent heart. What better a reminder of our resonate circulation than the very heart of the netlabels itself, Adam Crammond. Releasing often under Graffiti Mechanism (YES YES YES YES), he also has created several exceptional records under his other, more spunky stomp on stage, c4. This genius is also behind the compassionate and legendary Proc Records, which is where many of us netlabers planted our seeds. The fact that this label, so largely inspired by Mr. Crammond, now has a solo work by this coffee loving saint among sinners, dare I say, is something I’ve gasped for, anticipated for, with flames biting at my ankles, tied to the trees of discontent, shouting “Madam Adam! Won’t you come to my aid!”. And here he is, and I shall not burn this day! Oh and good golly was I pleasantly surprised by how far these tracks had exceeded expectations. Really, there is a lot to admire here. Though motorik, continuous, the trippy-as-fuck dynamic on these acid house dance numbers practically forces you into motion. Yet this is a psychtrance acid party for sure, because its infinity is so well crafted, filled with expertly composed negative space mixed with the complexity, giving your dancing, your thoughts, both room to feel like collaborators with the music they here. I won’t spoil the surprise any further. Dive into this one, please. Thank you so much c4, for all the happiness you have brought.

Album: My Favorite Sort Of Stuff

Artist: c4

Bitrate: 98 kbps, 103 kbps, 192 kbps

Format: mp3

Genre: Psychtrance, Acid, Techno, Dance

http://www.archive.org/details/C4-TheReflectiveLayertotf031 check out this badass album of c4’s on Top Of The Flops

March 7, 2012



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Emanate the residue, my friends. All foundations have dismantled. The veils have all lifted. The stench of rot is in the air. Breathe in the aroma deeply, my friends. You, a fellow secreter of radiance and soul. Let us dissolve reality and float about in the primordial world where everything imaginable comes to pass. Come, transcend the mud by digging into it. My friends, let us bask in the effluvia of it all!






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