Let Me Explain…

Effluvia, a most beautiful word, defined as a foul and dangerous odor.

What are we? I could say we are what the universe is doing. Well, what is the universe doing? When we think, and act, and create, and destroy; what’s going on? It was thought for so long by our kind that those of us who are out of control are the sad cases, who have deviated from the real world. It’s this “real” world of security and a sense of “control”  of nature which has deviated. People absorbed in such a world will almost certainly find a feeling of helplessness usurping the feeling of dominion over creation. Those of us who surrender and resign to our spirit’s spontaneity, on the other hand, enjoy the splendor of ecstacy that comes from letting go of what cannot be held onto. Our lives are like sand pouring from our fingers. The artists are the ones who find repose in floods which sweep us all off our feet, and do not fight such storms. They are testament to the cosmos’ ability to grow more and more astonishing with each passing breath.

There are a great many of us who are taking audacious leaps into greater creative integrity and community building. More and more of the disillusioned among us are beginning to discover the power of the mind to extend its reach ever further into previously unreachable psychic terrains. More boundaries are being dissolved every day, which had once determined what was possible and impossible. We are undergoing a transition, as we pass the threshold of familiarity, falling into the yawning abyss of the unknown ahead. Some of us, bewildered by the how wild our imagination can be, will drown in the dark ocean of the unconscious. Others, though, will be empowered by the images there found, and will learn to swim.

It is the humble philosophy of Effluvia Recordings that the outcasts, tramps, and hopeless romantics of today will be recognized tomorrow as the vanguard of a new age of  cultural evolution, and have thus made it our mission to encourage, empower, and showcase the music, film, writings, pictures, and other artistic expressions of this growing minority on the fringes of society.  I, Christopher Arnett – the sole curator of this label – have a great deal of admiration for the men and women who host netlabels and submit their creative work to them, as they are catalyzing the free distribution of uninhibited artifacts of the creative impulse all over the world. As a musician who has released a number of records on the different netlabels throughout the web (under the nom de plume Consistency Nature), I consider it a great blessing to be a part of this ever-expanding community. In hopes to perpetuate this movement, all releases on Effluvia Recordings are entirely free to download, protected under the Creative Commons Licence.

If you are a DIY musician or artist who would like to submit work to appear in our catalog, or have a website and would like to somehow collaborate, please feel comfortable to contact me and I will reply as soon as I can. Welcome to the Effluvia Recordings family. We’ll be pleased to have your aroma around.


Rules for submissions:

– Send demos to my email: Dishdawash@gmail.com. I respond relatively quickly, but please be patient as I have work outside of the label to attend to regularly. All submissions will receive a response.

– Musicians will be asked to send all of their works in the form of mp3 files. Any bitrate is accepted. If you have text or videos to send, with or without music, simply let me know ahead of time what format you have planned for them.

– We accept any genre or category, and especially enjoy work which dissolves category and the nebulous lines between genres. Experimental music is warmly welcomed and encouraged. You do not need to create anything too overly produced and “perfected”. We are loose with the “quality” of the work, but we encourage you to work hard on what you submit, engaging your heart and mind in the task of its creation. Sincerity and growth are the criteria. If I do not accept your record, do not fret. We will work together to find a more suitable home for your offspring.

– Effluvia Recordings wants to be a proud home to people of any and all nationalities, sexual orientations and religious groups, so we ask that the subject matter of your works conduce to tolerance of others and partnership with all living things. We happily accept dark and shadowy releases, but I will not host hatred.

– Enjoy and love your creative process!


Other Friendly Netlabels

image_orig_proc1  Proc Records: Amazing label run by Adam Crammond, mastermind of the music projects c4 and Graffiti Mechanism. I guarantee, any album you download on this site will be of value. Also enjoy the exclusively lowbit sub-labe 4m@ records.

592578Sirona Records: One of the top dogs of the netlabel world, run by extraordinary French musician Arnaud Barbe, behind the monumental project Pollux and its evil twin Pogohm. He has released hundreds of his own records on other labels, and Sirona is the home for hundreds and hundreds of amazing records, many of them magnum opuses in each artist’s discography.

3623316_orig L0Bit: A wonderful collection of recent lowbit releases of music, curated by Kai Nobuko, the mastermind behind the hyperactive and joyful Toxic Chicken and the atmospheric Covolux. A truly spirited contributor of the netlabel scene, having hosted the lobit radio show “Tibol”. His previous lobit label, Top of the Flops, released many records which they now have collected here.

6048746_orig SP Net: A wide variety of netlabel releases as well as physical releases, available in every format you can imagine.Run by the amazing Shaun Phelps (behind Flat Affect), the website also offers an amazing DIY zine which is very eclectic and beautiful.

treetrunk-header Treetrunk Records: An amazing collection of ambiance, in short, mid, and long form. A real treasure trove. Brainchild of Thomas Park, behind the really evocative and dynamic project “Mystified”.

logo Resting Bell Netlabel: A terrific entourage of records which all have the same motif of being particularly deep, profound, and conceptual. A particularly fantastic reoccurring artist is Saito Koji. Founded by Christan Roth.

Microbit2 Microbit Records: The first label I ever discovered which releases exclusively low bitrate releases (48 kbps or lower), started by Evgenij Kharitonov, the mastermind behind the eclectic and rockin’ musical endeavor “Microbit Project” among others.

13zo3tc Burial Recordings: Run by Zach Guttowsky (behind the noise outfit Glasgow Smile, & member of the notorious Black Leather Jesus), this label specializes in industrial, noise, power electronics, and HNW (harsh noise wall, as brutal and minimalist as it sounds). Not for the faint of heart!

5608988_orig 8 Ravens: Just to take the lobit labels even further into the conceptual, this label only releases records at a bitrate 8 kbps or lower, in all genres. Truly shows the potential of this method of sound rendering as a sonic filter and means of beautification. Many different genres represented as well. Some real gems!

1747903_orig Genetic Trance: Label run by Alex Ischenkau, who is behind countless musical projects and pseudonyms such as Vzeil & Liquid Music Project (won’t keep listing, look him up!). This label is terrific and necessary, as the concept is that they will release anything and everything which is sent to them, advocating complete freedom, which has lead to some controversy in it’s stead. An even more conceptual sublabel can be found, Default Records.

10246679_1444902229091160_8275070088108429024_n Fork and Spoon Records: A great collection of noise and other experimental records. This is a very fresh label, so bless it with your submissions, or else.

cartouche+blogger300 Bruits Netlabel: A very high quality ensemble of experimental music par excellance! Some real museum pieces here!

7186349_origSphicot Records: A lobit label run by Jukka Pekka Kervinen, a dadaist musician from Finland who is highly prolific, operating under the nom de plume d0x10. Some really evocative stuff coming out of this label. This label has with it three sublabels, Plunk Noise, THAROOP, and slogre. Kervinen also runs an ebook press called opcode press.

logo-s JustNOISEit: Russian noise based label, releasing all types of harsh and unforgiving soundcapes, some of which are frighteningly beautiful or beautifully frightening. Hasn’t been in operation for a great long while, but the legacy is withstanding. An even harsher sublabel is operated under the same curator, JustWALLit, emphasizing primarily wall noise.

text+ab+5  Abandonment Netlabel: Great collection of netreleases and otherwise, with an emphasis on the shadowy, subterranean world of noise, power electronics, and terrific dark ambiance which will give you the willies. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

logo_suRRism_RRchitects_NewBlog_header-copy suRRism-Phonoethics: A very early inspiration for Effluvia Recordings, releasing high quality electo-acoustic works and all things one could deem surrealist, futurist, acousmatic, you name it. Some great installation music as well, if I may take the integrity to call it that.

0000474955_100 Twilight Luggage: A downright horrifying label of the darkest industrial and noise you’re likely to find in the land of netlabels, and otherwise.

TFRbanner Trashfuck: You’re one stop harsh noise fix shop. Run by the prolific and extraordinarily insane Patrick Doyle, behind the ingenious and psychotic RedSK, among other projects. An endless archive of the least forgiving music in this corner of the universe. Olympic class harshness.

rejectedlogo Rejected Netlabel: A great little collection of experimental netlabel releases of all styles, run by Nuno Maltez, a very psychedelic musician. Put your space-suits on, psychonauts!

1376496576 Gypsy Feet Records: A very delightful and touching label with a beautiful philosophy and a beautiful curator, Tracey Fitzgerald, behind Ech(o). The label is still developing, and so is young like a baby. Feed the baby with your submissions!

4055346 Diskette Etikette: As if the lobit record labels couldn’t get conceptual and awesome enough, this label releases physicals, but the only format is floppy disk. This means a release can have a file size of no more than 1.4 or so MB per floppy! And yet, the releases on here are all excellent and original, with many netlabel allstars represented. Go to your nearest goodwill or your grandma’s house with this badass merchandise and listen your heart away.

MinimisimRecords_HEAD Minimism Records: the quintessential lobit netlabel for minimalism, especially really lo-fi, dreary, and uncompromising minimalism, short form and longform alike.


9202543_orig MAV records (0 kbps): A terrific and conceptual noise label run by the incredible Tomasso Busatto, who is a real community builder in the scene of the avant garde as found online.

BGMAIN OH BLEEP RECORDS: Although the number of releases on this label are few, and you can probably listen to all of them in an afternoon, nevertheless they are all terrific works. The latest release is a compilation… compiled by me… shameless plug.

STS_head-web Smell The Stench: You can probably infer from the name that this is another harsh noise and darkness spreading label, and you would be right. Damn good and extensive catalog of physical releases and downloadable ones too!


Other Lovely Websites

International Email Audio Art Project (IEAAP)lobit_ru — Recent Music Heroes — TIBOL Radio Show — NOISE


  1. I love this label, it’s curator, the artists, and the message.

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Emanate the residue, my friends. All foundations have dismantled. The veils have all lifted. The stench of rot is in the air. Breathe in the aroma deeply, my friends. You, a fellow secreter of radiance and soul. Let us dissolve reality and float about in the primordial world where everything imaginable comes to pass. Come, transcend the mud by digging into it. My friends, let us bask in the effluvia of it all!






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